Well Logging

  • The oil and gas industry uses wireline logging to obtain a continuous record of a formation’s rock properties. Wireline logging can be defined as being “The acquisition and analysis of geophysical data performed as a function of well bore depth, together with the provision of related services.” The measurements are made referenced to “TAH” – True Along Hole depth. These and the associated analysis can then be used to infer further properties, such as hydrocarbon saturation and formation, and to make further drilling and production decisions.


  • There are many types of wireline logs and they can be categorized either by their function or by the technology that they use. “Open hole logs” are run before the oil or gas well is lined with pipe or cased. “Cased hole logs” are run after the well is lined with casing or production pipe.
  • Wireline logs can be divided into broad categories based on the physical properties measured.

Production Logging

  • Production logging tools are run in completed wells to ascertain the nature and behavior of fluids in or around the borehole during production or injection. These logs are used to analyze dynamic well performance and the productivity or injectivity of different zones, to diagnose problem wells, or to monitor results of a stimulation or completion. This discipline deals with a variety of techniques used to measure well performance, with terms ranging from annular flow to basket flowmeter, from holdup to water-cut meter. All terms have been defined by experts in the production logging domain, and many definitions include high-quality illustrations or photographs.
  1. Conventional and advance logging services
  2. Data interpretation
  1. Conventional and advance logging services
  1. Open hole
  2. Cased hole
  3. Cement evaluation
  4. Production logging
  5. Pipe Recovery
  6. Perforation (Wire line & E-coil perforation)
  7. Logging Convince (Wireline, TLC and E-Coil)
  1. Data interpretation
  1. Petro physics
  2. Geology
  3. Reservoir
  4. Production
  5. Geophysics

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