“We Stand next to You as Called for Quick Operation & Solutions”

Petro Danial Kish sets an objective to develop, support and guide its clients on their ongoing and upcoming project to ensure achievement are accessible via development of services in accordance to the latest Oil & Gas industry standards for various Iran’s fields by possession of the most updated technology, tools & equipment. Slickline service is a method whereby various well Maintenance, Remedial, Control and Safety functions are accomplished in both mechanical (currently available) and digital (coming soon), under pressure in the wellbore below the earth’s surface. This is done by “running” and “pulling” the Tools and Equipment into and out of the wellbore by use of small diameter Slickline mounted on a powerful reel at the surface.  Slickline can save a great deal of Time and Money by providing the Services & Solution, when performed efficiently and safely. This happens only through good planning, highly skilled human resources alongside with newest technology and high standard Equipment.

To this end, PDK has equipped itself with the required seasoned experts of the filed, high end machinery and other necessary tools.


A brief overview to PDK Slickline services segment

  • Winch unit & Power pack

ASEP FlyLine DD, Zone II, dual-lift (Ultralightweight) winch is the solution in situations where critical requirements such as Access, footprint or weight are key factors in winch selection,

  • SC05 & 06 Drum selection (0.108” & 0.125” size & 25K wire length)
  • Double drum brake assembly
  • MP16 II measurehead, combigauge 0-3000 LBS/Meter
  • Features/Benefits
  • Powerful four-cylinder diesel engine delivering up to 54 kW (72 HP)
  • Power pack quietly & non-stop
  • Reliable closed loop hydraulic system
  • Environmental friendship (drainage drip to

avoid impacts)

  • Hydraulic Drive System
  • Powerful 400 bar (5,800 psi) closed loop hydraulic system
  • Capable of fast acceleration and extremely high speeds
  • Hydraulic dynamic braking
  • Low maintenance system (at well site/base)




  • Cable/Wire info

  • Material grade UNS N 08926
  • 25,000 feet SUPA 75 alloy wire for highly corrosive wells
  • Available wire sizes 0.125” and 0.108”
  • Certified with laboratory test result

Cable:Wire info



To scouring the well pressure at surface and guide DHS to entrance to the well the surface equipment is requested as below:

  • Stuffing box
  • Quick unions lubricator
  • BOP
  • Riser sections (Spool pipe)

Available in various sizes (6.62”, 6.38” & 3” ID) up to 10K PSI WP, Lightweight 3” WPCE, Riser & Lubricator 160 ft (48 m) length.



Download Slickline brochure here