Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) completion technique enables perforating very long intervals in one run some TCP strings have exceeded 8,000 ft [2,440 m] in length. In highly deviated and horizontal wells TCP is the only means of accessing to the perforating depth. TCP also facilitates running large guns and using high under balance. When TCP is deployed in conjunction with drill stem test (DST) tools, well fluids can be easily controlled. Without having to kill the well and this means less reservoir damage. TCP strings can be retrieved (shoot and pull) or left as part of the permanent completion (integrated TCP).

Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) guns allow operators to optimize well flow by detonating high performance, deep-penetrating shaped charges that maximize perforation length; depth and entry hole size. TCP operation may treat zones with drilling, cement or perforation damage and also initiate formation breakdown during hydraulic fracturing.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Low-debris and zero-debris charges are Gun lengths and assemblies can be customized for each application. Pressure ratings up to 15,000 TCPs permit operations at substantially higher under balanced pressure perforation clean up. Large-diameter, multi phased casing guns increase perforation depth and diameter, resulting in a perforation with minimum restriction and higher productivity.
Since TCPs services perforate long interval realized. Also maximum perforation cleaning achieved by perforating the entire zone at one time. TCPs allow maximum potential to be obtained from a perforation, decreasing stimulation costs. Since pressure control equipment can be installed prior to perforating, kill fluid costs also are reduced.
TCP assemblies essentially large casing guns essentially large casing guns safely and efficiently protect personnel and there are no electronically detonated blasting caps in the system, which means safely and efficiently protect personnel and there are no electronically detonated blasting caps in the system, which means equipment. With TCPs there are no electronically detonated blasting caps in the system, which means no premature or accidental firing due no premature or accidental firing due to stray electrical currents.

TCP Equipment

PDK TCP tools enable you to run your TCP operations in the most sophisticated and customized fashion. Since each job is specifically tailored to both the properties of the formation and the long-term completion and production schedule, the number of configurations may be unlimited.

PDK provides TCP systems to meet unique customer needs and well applications. The TCP tool range includes mechanical and hydraulic firing systems, gun releases and under-balancing devices as well as a variety of auxiliary components.

All TCP operations are designed to run with all PDK Expendable Casing Gun Systems for the best possible perforation performance including:
• Safe and quick operation
• Mechanically and hydraulically activated systems available
No restriction on total system length


PDK Solutions with Tubing Conveyed Perforation

PDK technical engineering team can advise you on the most efficient string configuration for your application. Tubing Conveyed guns are adaptable to any application and guns can run on pipe with most completion applications.