Service Barge, the Concept

What makes PDK a company of choice for clients is close attention to clients’ special needs and aligning its new investments and business unit creation with those needs. PDK new approach to marine services come through an accommodation barge which delivers special services to offshore clients, thereby saving much operation costs for clients. Barge based Rigless operations is among PDK new ventures to deliver such services without conventional offshore rigs.

Why a service barge?

In today’s oil field, delivering cost-effective solutions to difficult problems is paramount. As oil companies continue their intense drive to lower finding and producing costs and increase efficiency in every facet of operations, PDK is trying to work closely with them as proactive solution-provider. This is particularly true for well intervention and remediation where a combination of  innovative thinking and technical advances is ushering in a new era of performance from offshore barges and lift boats. Former single-purpose or limited-use vessels are being retrofitted to enhance efficiency and upgraded to add capabilities.
HILLA Barge is a purpose-built vessel, which can swiftly deliver a wide spectrum of services, with fewer constraints and with a smaller cadre of highly skilled personnel.

Using an offshore drilling rig for all intervention and workover operations seems to be inefficient due to several reasons such as high cost of operation, number of engaged personnel and  management complications, time consuming movements, environmental footprints and etc.

Being able to lift loads up to 250 ton and host more than 100 men, HILLA is PDK  candidate to engage in work-over operations such as: Wireline, Well test, coiled tubing, clean up, Stimulation, perforation, well control and similar operations.
The 8 point mooring system will make the barge very stable and shall give the barge the capacity to conduct operation in up to 6 ft waves. Special considerations and safety measures are now in place to conduct a safe mooring away from any hazard to the client facilities and barge. (The same barge with the same mooring system has been used by TOTAL in Indonesia). As it can be seen in the below picture the anchoring has been carried out in a safe manner in a field where several pipe lines and other client facility is located in the seabed, usage of lifting buoys in such conditions is crucial.

8 point mooring system, especially at South pars field with regard to design of jacket and its sub-sea features and seabed nature which is very soft clay, is the safest mode of positioning a barge, with minimal risk to sub-sea structures if handled professionally.


  • Classification: ICS
  • Gross Tonnage: 2,679 tons
  • Length: 82m
  • Width: 23m
  • Crane Capacity: 250 T
  • Breadth: 21.30 m
  • Draft: 4.95 m


  • Well Testing (High Rate) & Clean up
  • Stimulation
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Wireline Logging
  • Well Control
  • High Rate Burner Boom
  • Accommodation: 110 people
  • Acid, Mud, etc. Pumping Capacity


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