Coiled Tubing

In the oil and gas industries, coiled tubing refers to a very long metal pipe, normally 1 to 3.25 in (25 to 83 mm) in diameter which is supplied spooled on a large reel. It is used for interventions in oil and gas wells and sometimes as production tubing in depleted gas wells. Coiled tubing is often used to carry out operations similar to wireline. The main benefits over wireline are the ability to pump chemicals through the coil and the ability to push it into the hole rather than relying on gravity. Pumping can be fairly self-contained, almost a closed system, since the tube is continuous instead of jointed pipe. For offshore operations, the ‘footprint’ for a coiled tubing operation is generally larger than a wireline spread, which can limit the number of installations where coiled tubing can be performed and make the operation more costly. A coiled tubing operation is normally performed through the drilling derrick on the oil platform, which is used to support the surface equipment, although on platforms with no drilling facilities a self-supporting tower can be used instead. For coiled tubing operations on sub-sea wells a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) e.g. semi-submersible, Drillship etc. has to be utilized to support all the surface equipment and personnel, whereas wireline can be carried out from a smaller and cheaper intervention vessel. Onshore, they can be run using smaller service rigs, and for light operations a mobile self-contained coiled tubing rig can be used.

The tool string at the bottom of the coil is often called the bottom hole assembly (BHA). It can range from something as simple as a jetting nozzle, for jobs involving pumping chemicals or cement through the coil, to a larger string of logging tools, depending on the operations.

Coil tubing has also been used as a cheaper version of work-over operations. It is used to perform open hole drilling and milling operations. It can also be used to fracture the reservoir, a process where fluid is pressurized to thousands of psi on a specific point in a well to break the rock apart and allow the flow of product. Coil tubing can perform almost any operation for oil well operations if used correctly. 

PDK Coiled Tubing Services provides customers with reliable, efficient and engineered well intervention solutions and services for vertical, highly deviated and horizontal wells. Well intervention solutions support the upstream operators throughout the life of the well by engineering and modeling the interventions, consultancy and field execution of the operations. We engage with our customers in the challenges they encounter in their wells to draw safe, efficient and cost effective solutions at the highest service standards.

Our highly experienced professionals, engineering capabilities, equipment and instruments let us tailor the operations to the new demands of the fields, expand the scope of coiled tubing applications in servicing the wells and engage in variety of remedial applications beside conventional applications such as mechanical services, perforation, milling, debris and sand cleanout, well kicking, chemical treatment, fishing, running downhole tools, hanging velocity strings, well logging, coiled tubing drilling, nitrogen lifting, etc. We welcoming new challenges and new applications as the forerunner of the service and the best service provider in Iran.

PDK brings innovative solutions to meet the challenges of an evolving and diverse coiled tubing market. We use modern engineering and design software, coupled with real-world experience, to create fit-for-purpose equipment that allows our customers to excel in its application. We continually work towards delivering the safest, most user-friendly and efficient coil unit that will endure the daily operational and environmental challenges of today’s oilfield.

We provide customers with reliable, efficient well intervention for vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells. With our highly experienced personnel and engineering capabilities, we can deliver safe, cost-effective solutions for virtually any operational challenge, including high-pressure/high-temperature and H2S applications.