About Petro Danial Kish

Petro Danial Kish Company (PDK) a subsidiary of Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC) was established in 2010 as a Drilling Technical Service Company for oil and gas industries. Standing among top 500 companies and one of the fast growth companies of Iran, PDK has achieved numerous eye catching achievements through its technology and knowledge driven human capital. PDK has its outstanding reputation on the skills and dedication of its hardworking employees. Technology and people working together to deliver fantastic results, that is the way of PDK as a solutions oriented company.


Pasargad Energy Development Company, PEDC, is owned by the Pasargad Financial Group, in which one of its distinctive shareholders is Pasargad Bank, the leading Iranian private bank with a continuous high growth rate. PEDC was formed and registered in 2008 with the objective of participating in the national and international energy markets in general and the development of Iran’s energy sector in particular.

PEDC core businesses include hydrocarbon sector, power generation and renewable energy in which the fundamental of PEDC activities is approaching sustainable development with an emphasis on the environment. To accomplish this task, we focus on utilizing the best available human resources, up to date technology and efficient management in an optimum organizational structure.

The company’s main activities are in four segments:

  1. Exploration and development of oil and gas fields
  2. Construction of refineries, petrochemical plants and pipelines.
  3. Construction of power plants and electricity generation, transmission and distribution facilities of electricity
  4. Trade of energy