PDK was established in 2010 as an OFS Drilling Technical Service Co. to provide solutions and services in oil and gas fields. Incorporating knowledge of our people, implementing an effective management system, new ideas and hi-tech services enables us to deliver the best available and innovative solutions to clients through in-depth analysis of their needs. Our philosophy is to provide right directions by keen solutions.


  • To become one of the top 10 regional oil field service providers by 2025.


  • Empowering our personnel by providing appropriate training programs
  • Integrating hi- technology solutions in Services
  • Building long term relationship with clients through in-depth analysis of their needs to provide proper solutions
  • Implementing management system throughout the company, ensuring its success
  • Investing in innovations as a competitive advantage
  • Analyzing and ensuring cost effectiveness and performance efficiency through proper solutions, while maintaining high quality services

Values and Principles

  • Commitment to Social Responsibilities

As a member of the society, we found ourselves committed to fair conduct of affairs in protecting environment, social equality, ethics, promoting the society welfare and sustainability in all aspects of our conduct. Thereby, PDK is always seeking to find solutions to avoid polluting the environment, empower people by providing equal opportunities and observing lawful and ethical codes of conduct.

  • Commitment to Personnel
    Our people are the most valuable asset of the company. We are fortunate to attract some of the most talented professionals and skilled problem solvers in PDK, so empowering them through right training and opportunities for growth as well as providing a healthy and safe work environment stand atop of our priorities.
  • Commitment to Quality
    Quality of service is what PDK will never compromise on. We do our best to assure the clients of our service quality and post-job satisfaction through close cooperation and paying attention to their needs and interests, as well as safeguarding the oil fields being our most valuable national assets.
  • Creating value for Investors

As a fully private company, PDK is obliged to perform on the basis of creating value and generating profit for the investors. We therefore find ourselves obliged and committed to the interests of the investors and stakeholders of the company through rightful conduct and remaining competitive to the clients.