PDK’s role in newly inaugurated phases in South Pars gas field

Recently, Iran’s President Dr. Hassan Rouhani, inaugurated 5 new phases (17,18,19,20,21) of South Pars gas field which gave Iran an equal portion of production in the world’s largest gas field which is shared by the neighboring country, Qatar. These phases will add some 150 mcm to Iran’s gas output.

This is a significant event in which many Iranian contractors played an important role in developing the south pars gas fields. Petro Danial, as one of the most reliable, quality local service contractor, has been proudly active in above phases in below projects:

  • Clean-up project for several wells in phases 17-18 with NIDC as the client.
  • Clean-up and well testing, logging, perforation and sampling for several wells in phases 19 with Petro Pars as client.
  • Drill Stem Test (DST), sampling, perforation and well testing of descriptive wells as well as perforation, clean-up and logging for several wells in phases 21 with NIOCC as client.
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