In two ceremonies held in PDK operation bases in Kish island and city of Ahwaz, winners of PDK “Annual Awards” were introduced and awarded. The awards were presented to those employees with the best continuous contribution ( both in quantity & quality) for one of the following subjects:

  • Best Constant Contributor in Safety in the year 
  • Best HSE reporter in the year
  • Best SQ reporter in the year 
  • Best Driver in the year
  1. Farzin Zarza , Kish base WT Field Engineer; as HSEQ Contributor
  2. Hadi Mokarami Rad, Kish base WL Field Engineer; as Best SQ Reporter
  3. Behdad Ghaforinejad, Kish base WT Field Engineer; as Best HSE Reporter
  4. Ali Nazeri far, Kish base Logistic Supervisor; as Best Driver
  5. Mohammad Gholamian, Ahwaz base WL Field Engineer; as Best HSE Reporter
  6. Mahdi Adnani, Ahwaz base Logging Driver; as Best Driver

The PDK “Annual Awards” is an incentive plan to motivate and engage employees at all level to input their suggestions and comments in across all business units and segments for the purpose of continuous improvement of the company.