Hilla is not just a barge but a service barge. She can do all relevant well testing services which no other barge can do, says Ali Irani, manager for new projects at Petro Danial.

When people hear about barges, they often recall a big vessel which can carry goods and tools and a crane at most. But Hila is fully redesigned and renovated to deliver all necessary services to offshore platforms, added Ali Irani. Besides, carrying all equipment and well service units, she delivers a diverse range of services to incumbent clients. The services include well testing and cleanup, wireline logging, coiled tubing, acidizing, slickline, well control, etc. We know this is to some extent new to our clients to see such services offered in the absence of drilling rigs and via a barge, where this is exactly the point:  this service barge can save them a lot in terms of daily rents and mobilization and demobilization costs.

Besides. We are quite aware of issues such as stability and safety of the services rendered and how critical they are to our clients, for that I can say Hilla enjoys high stability in bad weathers with an accurate 8-point anchoring capacity. We believe Hilla can bring lots of advantages to the offshore operators in near future by removing the necessity of having a jack up rig delivering the services, commented Mr. Irani.

In terms of the investment Hila is a venture investment made our holding co. Pasargad Energy where there is some risk for investors to enter new service sectors. It is true that this sort of service delivery is risky, but we have actually calculated the risk items in a way that our clients would be sure in using our services.

As a service company with high standards and quality which has enjoyed the trust by its clients, PDk looks forward to receiving support from the esteemed clients to introduce the service barge in very near future.