A team of Petro Danial experts, business units directors and managing director attended the 4th Drilling congress in 18-19 Feb., 2017. The congress which was held in Tehran IRIB convention center hosted some 300 experts, professionals and senior managers from across the drilling industry of Iran and the senior managers of the Petroleum ministry of Iran.

Mr. Hashem Sabbaghan, MD of PDK sat in the final sum up panel of drilling services in accompany of other senior managers of the industry, presented his speech on the necessity of market clarity, supply and demand and government support as prerequisites for private companies to enter regional markets. He went on to say that during the sanctions and when the international service companies left Iran, there emerged a great opportunity for local companies to form and grow. The state clients then began to trust the private companies and this fueled up the rapid growth of these companies which could fill in the gap of the international predecessors quite satisfactorily at much lower costs. For instance for perforation, up to that time, it was only the major international service companies who were trusted to do the job, but the local companies then replaced them in their absence, said Mr. Sabbaghan. So that is why we need to see the support of the government for these companies who make the national asset in terms of importance, reliance, knowledge and expertise. Meanwhile, he called on the decision makers in the government side to pay great deal of attention and acceptance to companies who dare make new proposals and technical suggestions in terms of innovations in new services.

Mohammad Reza Ghanavati,  Coiled Tubing director, was the next PDK manager who sat in the panel of Coiled Tubing and Mud logging”. M.Reza, who is a seasoned professional in technical services of CT and stimulation, gave his talk on the new advancements and advantages of using CT  and its new applications.

The next PDK member who gave a presentation in the specialized panel of production services was Ali Irani, PDK’s manager of new projects. Ali Irani presented his speech under the title of ” Upgrading standards and solving problems of perforation services”. He gave an outlook of the perforation market in Iran and a comparison of technologies and materials used in perforation services, challenges, solutions and the standards of the industry.