some 20 experts and managers from Iran Offshore Oil Co. (IOOC) attended the Service Quality Meeting organized by PDK in Evin hotel to review and report the 4-year history of projects delivered by PDK to IOOC. In this event, Hashem Sabbaghan managing director of Petro Danial, emphasized on the open approach of PDK to criticisms and feedback from clients as tools to improve the quality of jobs in future and continuous learning. At PDK we try to deliver the best service and solutions quality to achieve the expected result, said Hashem Sabbaghan. Later in the meetign, Ali Irani, New Projects Manager of PDk, presented a comprehensive report as to the operation and projects delivered by PDK within the past four yours. According to this report, the total amount of delays had been very insignificant to some 10 hours
as well as good performance on the HSE sector. In PDK we are trying to launch a new service approach for offshore projects and we will soon be delivering numerous services to offshore clients on a vessel base which will significantly increase the efficiency of the operation and reduction of costs for clients. Later in the meeting, Mr. Zanjani, head of Petrophysic of IOOC declared client’s satisfaction with PDK and expressed hope for PDK success in new services. The meeting was concluded with Q&A between the audience and PDK experts.